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Who called me from +2348153959696 or 08153959696

ScamScam 1 People reported this number as Scam
  • scam


  • safe


  • spam


  • denger


  • unknown


Additional Infomation:

  • Lookup: 241 lookups Last Search: 20-05-2024
  • Network: Globacomm Reports: 1 reports


  • Patrick Machief reported +2348153959696 : ScamScam

    One Johnny Mark Eva, told me in a chatt that she is a single mother, widow who lives in Brimingham UK. She is searching for a man who will help her to father her 3year old child. After some chatts, she wants me to be her friend. She was going to send me an apple laptop and an iphone. She gave me the I'd number to collect it through a British Airways Cargo agent with this phone number. I tried calling but could not go through. I sent a text and later got reply that my parcel has arrived and awaiting collection. I asked for their location but got no reply. I called again and one Solomon answered and we couldn't get oech. I see a scam coming up here. I'm expected to pay $150 to collect the parcel. Watch out for this number and guys.

    • icon 6 months ago
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